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Ski4Free3D is a simple Skiing game where you Ski down an endless Slope while you try to avoid Yetis different kind of "Obstacles". It features 5 different Slopes, with 3 additional Challenges per Slope and several kind of unlockables.

You can find a basic manual Here.

The version you can play here is an old version that was created in cooperation with a friend of mine, who "run out of time" so it became forgotten and never was released or finished.

Currently I'm in the process of remaking the whole Game to allow Multiplayer (atm up to 7 Players) and include several other features that haven't made it into the first version. If you like this Game, and would like to see a more advanced version please hit me up on the Games Forum and consider a Donation.

If you have troubles to play the Game on this Page, please try the version uploaded at http://www.ski4free3d.com (I had to use some hacky way to make the itchy page appear as I want)

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